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Spartan Race finally hits the Big Apple!

Out of the numerous Spartan Races I’m participating in this year, this was the big one.  I’m not sure if I showed it or not, but leading up to this race I put tremendous pressure on myself to do well.



Most of EPIC Hybrid Training was participating in this Sparatan Race.  I had friends and family traveling to watch, I was the defending champ from the last stadium race in Fenway…it was all building up and I was determined to have this pressure fuel my training.  I did burpees for breakfast, lunch and dinner to prepare for an EPIC battle with some of the best obstacle racers in the world.

The elite wave was broken into heats of 15…I was up against Hunter McEntyre, Dave Magaida, and Miguel Medina and many other studs from across the country.  I wasn’t so concerned with winning as I was with navigating an effienient race and avoiding the burpees.  If I could manage that, the rest would take care of itself.  The race started at a furios pace.  I knew I had to get out early and try my best to stay in Hunters back pocket.   He rarely screws up obstacles, but I knew if I could keep him in my sight, I would have a chance.  Well, my plan was great in theory, but it didn’t work out exactly to plan.  Problem being that Hunter runs 4 minute miles and I do not yet so I gassed out about 1/4 into the race.  I was so far back at one point I was sure I was in dead last out of the 15 people in my heat.  Then it happened.  That funny and powerful emotion called PRIDE kicked in.  The obstacles were so abundant I cannot begin to describe all of them, but there were three where I made up a lot of time fast….Giant Jump Rope, Row Machine, and Giant Jug Carry.  These obstacles were made for strong athletes and I took advatnage of them.  I passed a few athletes and felt better about my position.  As the final 1/8 of the race approached I could found myself behind a few of my fellow Reebok Spartan Race athletes. Dave and Miguel were beating me. They are both tremendous athletes and expectional runners.  I find myself finishing slightly behind them at other Spartan Races.  Which brings us back to PRIDE. They were not going to beat me. Maybe every other race this year, but not on this given day.  I passed Miguel on the Hobie Hop and passed Dave on right after the rope climb. Many people fell off the traverse wall…I made it through, missed my spear throw, did my burpees, sprinted onto the Citifield warning track and found myself crossing the finish line behind Hunter.  I was held up at the spear throw due to safety reasons which cost me 2nd overall, but I finished in the top 5 out 12,000 participants.  It was a great race with so much back and forth competition which made it extremely exciting.

Click link for video of the race highlights:

As the day progressed, the most important part of the day arrived. The team race.  EPIC had over 60 members eager to tackle the Citifield course.  They had been training like madmen and women for months and were up for the challenge.  As the weeks leading up to the event progressed, faces of doubt were being replaced with glares of confidence.  I knew from the very beginning that they would all do well, it was time for them to find out!

All the members tackled the course with reckless abandon.  Everyone attempted every obstacle and completed the race.  There were three women (Jillian, Jackie, Karlee) that finished in the top ten and two women (Rachel and Ajia) that finished in the top 15.  On the men’s side, Ben Masel, was the ONLY member to complete the entire course without any failed obstacles and finished a strong 12th.  What does this all mean? TEAM EPIC finished 1st out of 800 teams!!! Yes boys and girls, the EPIC HYBRID TRAINING SYSTEM works!


One top of it all we raised $1000 for the Starlight Children’s Foundation which was the icing on the cake!

…So the one thorn in my side has been my three 4th place finshes this year (right off the podium). Two with some controversy, but who really cares.  Will this break my spirit for the Spartan Races to come? …..or fuel the fire!

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